Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All in the Details

I've had some questions about where I got some of the things in the nursery so I'll answer them here.
The penguin was made for Mia by Wendy Z.

The wall flowers are these.
A blanket made for Mia by her grandma.

My grandmother's perfume bottle
Proof you really can spray paint just about anything.

The canvas bins are from Pottery-Barn-Kids.

Sock monkey from The Monkey Shop on Etsy

Had this "Mommy and Me" princess print made by an artist way back in 2006. Sorry... I have no idea who.
My Snoopy. He's been very well loved since I was a baby. Can you see where I painted on a new nose and mouth when I was a kid? I thought paint could fix anything even back then....
A low watt Chinese lantern hung over the changing table for late night diapering.
Of course it is! The sign came from this place.
I have a love affair with Etsy! One of my favorite places to shop.

Sorry here's another thing I had made way back in 2006-07 from an artist on Ebay. But I can't find her info now. I'm sure you'd be able to find something similar on Etsy though.

The wall book rack came from Pottery-Barn-Kids.
The wall quote was custom designed out of two different quotes that I fell in love with. You can find it here. The owner of the shop was great to work with. She did everything I asked and made it beautiful. I love it!
The cubbie bookcase came from IKEA. You can buy separate add on drawer and cabinet inserts or just leave it all open. I replaced the modern chrome hardware on the inserts with these hand painted knobs.

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