Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great DIY Finds

I love do-it-yourself projects. Because they're cheap and it's cool to be able to look at something and know that you created it. But mostly .... they're cheap. LOL! So here's a bunch of my special projects and good luck finds.

My mom sewed the curtain panels for Mia's room. All the fabrics in the room coordinate. The stripes are also used in the crib skirt, inside the bumper, and on the pillow in her crib.
I made the cornices using the same fabric from the lamp shades and bedding. It also has the same trim as the bedside lamp and the crib skirt.
I love having photos around. But I don't have the shelf space for a lot of frames. Nor did I want to hang a grouping of picture frames on the wall. Cuz I usually can't get them all straight. So I bought a bulletin board and stapled fabric to it.
It's now functional art. And gets more of the damask print into the room... which is my favorite of all the fabrics we used. I like that Mia will be able to see the faces of her people while in her crib. Plus I'll be able to change the pics out more often than I would if they were in frames.
Of course, I couldn't be satisfied with plain old thumbtacks. So I used leftover fabrics and made my own. Except the big pink one in the middle. I found it here. Much prettier than those ugly metal tacks.
Since I was doing the fabric thing I also re-covered the switch plate for the light. Just use spray adhesive. Super easy!
I found this bookshelf tossed out with the trash.
I thought it'd look fabulous with a coat of hot pink paint.
This no cost find now houses most of Mia's board books. I put it down on the floor so it's within her reach. I love books and really want to encourage her to also have a love of reading.
Found this antique phone table on CraigsList for $40!
Again with the paint that can transform anything.
Added a cute little knob I found here.
And I have a gorgeous new table.
Beats paying $150 for this nearly identical one at Pottery-Barn-Kids.
A discount store chandelier. It just wasn't the right color. But no problem-o. Just grab the spray paint.
Covered the shades with fabric and trim.
I absolutely love my hot pink chandelier!! It's one of my favorite things in the room.
I took the spray paint to an old lamp I already had and re-covered the shade.
I was so excited to find this table on CraigsList. It was $35!! The lady bought it in Amish country. It's very well built and completely solid wood. This thing will last for years.
More spray paint and a little wood filler where their dog had chewed the leg and.....

............... a brand new table and chairs for my girl!

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  1. I'm definitely a DIY person, too and I loved this post! So many great ideas. Mia's nursery is so great and I am totally jealous of your book rack. :)